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Mona 'Sandoval'Love - 03-14-2010
What a GREAT website you all have put together!  I have thoroughly enjoyed  going back in time, and seeing and reading what everyone has been up to over the years.   I'm hoping to  be at the reunion  to see everyone, just don'y know for sure yet.   Wish I was there to help and get in on all the fun and hard work of putting this all together!  
Patricia Archuleta - 03-11-2010
I hope to see everyone soon.
Robbie English Palmer - 03-11-2010
I hope everyone enjoys going to the Photo Gallery on the left, then click on Those were the days.  Remember to post your information on this site, it will post within 24 hours after you submit it.  I hope to see many of you at the reunion.  
Sue Berssenbruegge Garcia - 03-11-2010
Class of 1970 was the best class ever.  I am looking forward to seeing you all.  Please pass the word and keep in touch often.  
Scott Carrell - 03-11-2010
First off a big Thank You to everyone who has put in the time to make this a great web site! Looking forward to breathing some fresh air into some old friends. 40 years.........
Steve Norwood - 03-09-2010
Wow!  That was so much fun.  Many thanks for all the hard work put in on this project.  High school days were the best.  Class of '70 Rules. Go Chargers!

Sharon Holt LaPlante - 03-09-2010
It's nice to see the yearbook and those I haven't seen in years.
Martha Helm Pendleton - 03-08-2010
Thanks for doing all this work.  It is fun to look at and I know it was time consuming.  I really appreciate it.
Richard I Dotson - 03-05-2010
Thank you so much for putting this together. I miss Airzona so much. Hope to see you all at the reunion.
Diane 'Bennett' Manchester - 03-05-2010
Big Thanks to all of you, who are putting this on....looking forward to seeing you'all
Manuel Sereno - 03-03-2010
Welcome Back!
Darwin Jay Lenz - 03-02-2010
Hope everyone is doing great and I was sad to see that so many of us passed on.

Can not wait to see everyone!  
Debi Swisher Bye - 03-01-2010
Great site.  Keep up the good work.
Laura Bautista - 03-01-2010
FYI to All....don't worry if you don't see your information that you input on Contact Classmate...the Admin must accept before it shows on that page.  I will be checking several times daily to make sure everything is updated. Thanks.
Kathy Gigax Lindquist - 02-28-2010
I give up - I've updated my info 3 times and it still doesn't show me as a classmate!!!

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