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McClintock High School Class of 1970 - Arizona History
1966-1970 Trivia

1. Who was governor of Arizona 1966-1970?
A - Paul Fannin
B - Sam Goddard, Jr.
C - Jack Williams
D - Raul Castro
E - Wesley Bolin
F - Both B & C

2. US State Senator from Arizona from March 4, 1927 – January 3, 1969
A - Carl Hayden
B - Paul Fannin
C - Dennis DeConcini
D - John  Kyle
E - Barry Goldwater
F - John McCain

3. In 1968 Congress authorized the CAP to bring Colorado river water to Phoenix and Tucson.  What does CAP stand for?
A - Central Arizona Project
B - Colorado Advanced Power
C - Congressional Authority Powers
D - Can Arizona Prosper
E - California/Arizona Pledges
F - CAP was the nickname for the plug holding the water back

4. London Bridge (which was falling down) was moved to what city in 1968?
A - Page
B - Blythe
C - Lake Havasu City
D - Tempe
E - Lake Mead City
F - Boulder City

5. The __  became the official neckware of Arizona?
A - Wild Rag
B - Remington
C - Bola Tie
D - Cowboy Tie
E - Buckaroo Scarf
F - Lariat

6. Recreational area at Saguaro Lake that features swimming, picnic and restroom facilities.
A - Sheep's Crossing
B - Blue Tank Cove
C - Mormon Flat
D - Butcher Jones Beach
E - Ship Rock
F - Burnt Corral

7. The area where the spaceship sequences were filmed for The Planet of the Apes (1968).
A - Tonto Bridge
B - Painted Rock Reservoir
C - Petrified Forest
D - Picacho Pass
E - Lake Powell
F - Horsethief Basin

8. Which part of our state observes Daylight Savings Time although the rest of the state remains on Mountain Time?
A - Grand Canyon
B - Santa Cruz county
C - San Francisco Peaks
D - Humphreys Peak
E - the state capitol
F - Navajo Nation

9. What was mandated by the 1966 US Supreme Court in the case of Miranda v. Arizona as a means of protecting a criminal suspect's Fifth Amendment right to avoid coercive self-incrimination.
A - Peter Principle
B - The Miranda Warning
C - Magna Carta
D - Humanities Act
E - Megan’s Law
F - Arizona Silence Laws

10. In 1970 which community college was opened on the Salt River Indian Community.
A - Rio Salado Community College
B - Phoenix Community College
C - Paradise Valley Community College
D - Chandler/Gilbert Community College
E - Mesa Community College
F - Scottsdale Community College

11. From 1881 to 1975, 8 billion pounds of copper were removed from what mine in Arizona.  (On display at the National Museum of Natural History in DC)
A - Ray (Pinal County)
B - Copper Queen (Cochise County)
C - Miami (Gila County)
D - Bagdad (Yavapai County)
E - Morenci (Greenlee County)
F - Silver Bell (Pima County)

12. Piestewa Peak was know to us in the 60s as
A - The Buttes
B - Squaw Peak
C - Echo Mountain
D - Mummy Mountain
E - North Mountain Preserve

13. Arizona State Senator (1969–1975) who became Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US
A - Barry Goldwater
B - Bob Burns
C - Sandra Day O'Connor
D - Carl Hayden
E - Sonia Sotomayor
F - Earl Warren

14. Governor Sam Goddard made this person Arizona's Official State Balladeer in 1966.
A - Rex Allen
B - Geri Glass
C - Dolan Ellis
D - Lisa Keegan
E - Duane Eddy
F - Rosemary DeCamp

15. Born in Glendale, Arizona, who was award Best Country Song in 1970, for 'My Woman, My Woman, My Wife' and named 'Artist of the Decade' by the Academy of Country Music?
A - Dierks Bentley
B - Tanya Tucker
C - Waylon Jennigs
D - Buck Owens
E - Marty Robbins
F - Glen Campbell

16. Buck Owens bought what radio station in the late 60s?

17. Country artist who performed at JD's nightclub and so titled his live album and is now is interred in the Mesa City Cemetery?
A - Mel Tillis
B - Kris Kristofferson
C - Waylon Jennings
D - Merle Haggard,
E - Kenny Rogers
F - Poco

18. During our high school years, what was Joe Arpaio (America's Toughest Sheriff) doing?
A - Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (DEA)
B - Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA)
C - Police Academy and Field Training School
D - Municipal Security Officer
E - Public Safety Dispatcher
F - Time

19. Who gave his collection of 437 Kachina dolls to the Heard Museum in 1969.
A - Carl Hayden
B - Bruce Babbitt
C - Barry Goldwater
D - 'Mo' Udall
E - Wayne Newton
F - Andy Devine

20. Who wrote The Family Circus (1967); I Need a Hug; (1968) and Peace, Mommy, Peace! (1969)?
A - Bill Watterson
B - Bil Keane
C - Charles M. Schulz
D - Erma Bombeck
E - Thelma 'Thel' Carne
F - 'Ted' Ettore DeGrazia

21. A sightseeing plane killed 6 tourist and the pilot at Desert View Lookout in 1967 at what national park?
A - Grand Canyon National Park
B - Canyon De Chelly National Monument
C - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
D - Lake Mead National Recreation Area
E - Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
F - Petrified Forest National Park

22. A work helicopter carrying a sling laden with fuel for a construction project crashed on July 28, 1969, killing the pilot and his younger brother.  The crash happened in what canyon?
A - Canyon de Chelly
B - Glen Canyon
C - Oak Creek Canyon
D - Grand Canyon
E - Canyon X
F - Antelope Canyon

23. July 30, 1969, A pilot and two passengers were killed when a helicopter crashed and burned on Kaibab Plateau which is in what national park?.
A - Hell's Canyon
B - Diablo Canyon
C - Mogollon Rim
D - Oak Creek Canyon
E - Tonto Canyon
F - Grand Canyon

24. Who was the 1969 Jr. Miss who went on to be a semi-finalist in the America's Jr. Miss Pagent?
A - Sandra Day O'Connor
B - Karen Stenwall
C - Jackie Benington
D - Carol Sue Fagan
E - Vonda Kay Van Dyke
F - Marcella Ann Rubacalba

25. Who was the State of Arizona High School Wrestling Champion in 1970?
A - Tony Grimmett
B - Dave Young
C - Ferny Mendoza
D - Jim Davis
E - Tom Courtney
F - Bill Beakley

26. Where is the world's largest solar telescope located?
A - Kitt Peak National Observatory
B - Anderson Mesa Station
C - Mount Graham International Observatory
D - Mount Lemmon Observatory
E - Aker Observatory
F - Lowell Observatory

27. What is the name of the highest mountain in Arizona?
A - Four Peaks
B - San Francisco Peaks
C - Mount Everest
D - Superstition Mountain
E - Camelback Mountain
F - El Capitan

28. Tallest fountain in the world is believed to be found in__
A - Sun City West
B - Big Surf Water Park
C - Fountain Hills
D - Kierland Commons
E - Tempe Town Lakes
F - McCormick Ranch

29. Palo Verde, our state tree, means __
A - peaceful valley
B - desert willow
C - weeping palm
D - green stick
E - go in peace
F - great spirit

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